Born as Addison Kanoelani Almodova in Reno, Nevada during the summer of 1992. She was raised in Reno and moved with her family to Temecula, California in 2009 for her senior year of high school.
Once in California she was presented with many more opportunities to expand her art. Becoming involved in street shows such as the Temecula Street Art Competition and became a member of RAWartists. In this organization she participated in public showcases in downtown LA and Orange County.


She attended Brigham Young University of Idaho in 2010, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2014. During her time of attendance at BYU-I she participated in several art showings; public and provided by the school. 

She married to Ryan Graham in August of 2013, in the LDS temple of San Diego, California.

After Addison graduated in 2014 from BYU-I, she and her husband relocated to, and currently reside, in Phoenix, Arizona. Where Ryan continues for his Mechanical Engineering degree at Arizona State University.





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You can typically find Addison's art in galleries across the Phoenix valley.
She also is a Twitch Creative live streamer. Where you can catch her creating paintings live, from her studio.